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How to stay motivated


How to stay motivated:

Put up a photo in your work area of a vacation spot, or new car, or a new home that you want. Look at it everyday, and focus on what you need to do activity wise to earn the money that is needed to achieve your goal.

Once that goal is achieved, change out the photo and a new inspirational photo replaces it. People without set goals, have no where to go.

What they didn’t teach you… in College


What didn’t they teach you in college about SALES?

Is a ton. It also depends on when you went to college.

Sales is an evolution of skills that need to be adapted for the times.

Video Testimonials


    "I have engaged Ms. Gavello at two different institutions. In the first instance I used her for training experience loan officers. During my second tenure at Gilmore Bank, I have engaged her as primary sales trainer for my entire staff. I would unhesitatingly recommend Ms. Gavello and her services."

    Doug Spencer - President/CEO
    Gilmore Bank, Los Angeles, CA