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How to get to a “yes”!


In todays tough economic times, does one have to make more calls to be successful? YES, not only does one have to make more calls and appointments but one has to hear more “nos” before getting a “yes”. For many that have had very high close rates during boom times, this is frustrating and unusual. When times get tough, the tough work harder, smarter and more hours. It will take more presentation of proposals to get a new client, but as long as the prospect gives you an answer, and returns your calls, be appreciative and grateful.

Video Testimonials


    "You have the ability to size up experienced salespeople very quickly and are able to not only provide training in a classroom environment but are able to coach people one on one to be better and stronger salespeople. Even some of our most senior officers have told me how much they have learned from you, and wish they had your help earlier in their careers."

    Larry Hartwig - President
    California Community Bank, Escondido, California