Value Statement


We deliver on our promises and build trust in our relationships. We stand by what we say and we do what is right – every time. We are honest, trustworthy and truly accountable for our actions. Our clients trust us completely to look out for their best interest.


We give and earn respect by treating each of our clients as if they are the only ones we work with. We make our clients goals and objectives our objectives, and we stay focused on helping them have the best and most profitable years.

Video Testimonials


    "I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed working with you, and now I can see that you are a real professional salesperson and why you are so successful. If we had ten Deborah's working for El Camino Bank we would be in a position to take over Bank of America and Chase Manhattan Bank combined."

    Stanley J. Pawlowski - Chairman of the Board
    El Camino Bank, Anaheim, CA