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Deborah Gavello, MPA – President/CEO

Deborah Gavello, principal of Gavello and Associates, is known throughout the country as a top salesperson, speaker, author, blogger, social media expert, and consultant. She earned her under graduate degree in marketing from California State University, Fullerton and her masters degree from Columbia University, New York. After under graduate school, she was immediately hired by a Fortune 100 company in major account sales.

Gavello gained recognition on a national level as a top salesperson at a Fortune 100 company, Automatic Data Processing (ADP). At ADP she was #2 in the country out of 1,000 salespeople and sold more business in California than had anyone in the history of the company (over 200 new clients in one year). She moved up with ADP to become a Sales Training Manager, District Manager, Sales Director and National Account Sales District Manager.

Deborah Gavello also worked for Siebel Systems selling CRM software (Now Oracle) and was a Sales Director for Remedy Software. In addition she was the Sales Manager for several other companies including: Rancho Vista National Bank, and Anchor Bank.

As a sought after conference speaker, she receives top reviews from participants for her capacity to take complex issues and make them simple and fun. She combines humor, passion and group interactions to stimulate and challenge her audiences and her students.

Deborah Gavello teaches from her experience as a top sales performer and as a sales director. While at ADP, she successfully managed a couple of sales teams to President’s Club honors.

Deborah Gavello developed and maintained contact with top decision makers in the Executive Offices and in the board room to ensure buy-in, on-going support and to align with corporate goals and strategies-90% of contacts and change leaders are Presidents/CEOS/General Managers.
She specializes in: Sales Training, Selling, Managing, Social Media, Partnerships, Editing, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, Press Releases, Newsletters, and LinkedIn

She works directly with clients, six months-five years to ensure correct application of the project and continued quantitative and Measurable Results:

  • Helped grow a 250M bank over prior year by 19%
  • 1.2B commercial business bank, grew to $2B
  • Improved outside calling by 50% and sales growth by 25% for $600M commercial business bank
  • 300M business bank doubled in size in 3 years
  • Re-engineered sales process and as head of sales contributed to sale of retail/business bank for 3.5 times book
  • Hired by board to turn around de novo/unprofitable 3 year business; succeeded in 1 year
  • Helped clients to assess current issues of increasing revenue and subsequently planned in collaboration new tools and methodologies and people to facilitate a successful solution and deliver of all related services: including new incentive compensation plans, new organizational structure, new marketing materials, and updated websites to ensure long term sustainability of program
  • Worked with CFOs to facilitate re-arranging of relevant financial information into a more “prospect/client” friendly output to be utilized on sales calls and marketing material
  • Facilitated the training of employees, across entire enterprise, in capitalization, their firm’s financial statements and how to read and interpret their annual reports

Deborah has been hired by over 100 firms all over the country, and has many repeat clients.

Deborah has two children and spends much of her time volunteering in the community. She is an avid hiker, skier, photographer and world traveler.

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Video Testimonials


    "I have been through many outside consultant driven programs in about 25 years of banking. Deborah's is by far the best and most practical. She gave us EXCELLENT practical hands on advise and was available for important follow up so the program did not die out. She helped me significantly in the areas of how to retrain and redeploy people, setting priorities and managing time, hiring people and finding the right value propositions for the particular clients or prospects."

    Lew Murez - Vice President
    Alliance Bank, Culver City, CA