Written By: Deborah Gavello

There are two items I hear repeatedly from executives:

1.) Do you know any great salespeople?

2.) How can you help us get more revenue?

I am going to dis­cuss how to find and hire the best salespeople– the Rainmakers.

First, I think it is important to look at the overall job of managing a sales organization.

I teach a very specific Sales Philosophy called “Performance Management”.
The program has a template that includes a one-page model. It outlines what every  CEO/President should be doing daily in order to keep his/her company in a sales mode. If you would like more in­formation on the model, contact me directly.

For this blog I will only list the three top quadrants of the model:

1. Hire Qualified People
2. Set Performance Standards
3. Train and Motivate

Of the 9 quadrants in the Performance Management Model the first one-Hire Qualified People is the most important.

If this one item is done perfectly every­thing else falls into place so much easier.

If more time were spent on the front end, less time would be wasted on corrective action at the back end. Also, by hiring the best candidates from the beginning, executives have the ability in turn to reap the rewards of developing top per­formers.

The Right People are Invigorating, and wrong people suck the living life out of everyone they come in contact with.

In order to head in the right direction; I recommend:

1.) Block out at least one hour a week to devote to recruiting activities (which doesn’t include interviewing time.)

This is time set specifically aside to network, call col­leagues, acquaintances and inquire if they know anyone that is looking for a job, and any great potential candidates that may be currently employed somewhere else.

2.) Call your clients and ask them, “Who is the best salesper­son who has called on you in the last 30 days?”

What I have found over the years is,  Rainmakers  are gainfully employed, making great money, and outselling the competition. They aren’t on the market looking for jobs. Unfortu­nately, their resumes aren’t in the of­fices of the best recruiters, nor to be found on resume.com or monster.com.

3.) Ask a group of your sales people who is the person that is beating them the most out there?

Then make a phone call and meet him/her for lunch.

4.) If there is a prospec­tive client that won’t grant a salesperson an appointment because they say that they have the “best salesperson already”, he/she should find out the name of that person, and you should go after him/her.

Some quick tips for Interviewing:

* Don’t talk too much

*  Prepare adequately

* Make hiring decisions based on quantitative reasons not gut feelings (subjective. reasons).

* Look and find the successes in every resume you review. If a candidate doesn’t have an item delineated on their resume that shows him/her was successful, don’t interview them.

If there is no description of any sales performance standings, #1, #2, #3 in their district; don’t waste your time interviewing him/her.

Again, hiring qualified people and developing people is one of the most important jobs of a President/CEO or a Sales Manager

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Video Testimonials


    "Your encouragement was on the mark- that every employee had to attend your series of classes. This brought the whole bank team in line with our own sales culture. With your class work and physical call support- we are beginning to develop a "Charter Oak Bank Sales Culture"-rather than brand X and brand Y and etc.
    The results of your training efforts are paying off. Deposits and Loans have shown a significant increase. Our two year old bank now has 78 million in assets."

    Brian Kelly - President
    Charter Oak Bank, Napa, CA