Deborah Gavello shared the following, “Sales and marketing techniques have dramatically changed in the last 5 years. It is essential for your senior Sales and Marketing forces to have the latest training in utilizing Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Flavorsme,Twitter, LinkedIn articles and blogging techniques in order to provide a competitive service portfolio in this fast moving industry.” One example of changes, Deborah Gavello determined that the most important skill she learned in college was business writing; however, blog writing and Twitter are completely different, and requires additional training.

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    "I must admit that when we first met, I was a little skeptical about your training; However, after three classes and practical success with your formulas, I am now truly a believer. I found your seminar to be upbeat, energetic, and critical in the highly competitive sales culture that exists in greater Los Angeles. Thank you kindly for your help
    and great ideas!"

    Alan Goldsmith - Vice President
    Manufacturers Bank - Los Angeles, CA