Video Testimonials


    "Deborah really knows our business inside and out. She is more than a consultant; she works as though she is part of the bank's team. She studies, researches observes and provides candid feedback to senior management on areas the bank can improve.

    We hired Deborah to work with our most senior loan officers, branch managers, and senior executives. Most of the participants were 20-year employees that were fascinated with the opportunity to learn new skills. They quickly applied the skills into their everyday interactions. Furthermore, Deborah intently focuses on her client's business objectives. She constantly asks us, "What are we trying to do here?". I PARTICIPATED IN ALL THE CLASSES AND OBSERVED THE MAGIC FIRST HAND.

    The combination of training and one-on-one coaching were key to the success of our program."

    William Lasher - President
    Community Commerce Bank, Claremont, CA