Sales Training

The best way to learn the skills one needs to strengthen ones sales, leadership, and management capabilities is to gain knowledge from those who are at the top in these fields.

All of our materials are customized to the specific needs of our clients. No two clients receive the exact classes. We teach from beginning sales skills to very advanced and sophisticated long term sales cycles.

We have the breath of experience to teach one call closes, as well as national and international Major Account Sales. Most of the students will challenge us in class with their most complex sales situations and we always seem to help. Many deals have been closed during class breaks, and during our lunch breaks. We use real life examples, and help each student maximize their time in class. Most of our recent classes have been longer sales cycles from two to three calls to six month cycles.

Sample courses offered include:

Advanced Sales Skills

  • How to get more appointments over the phone with decision makers
  • How to be more effective on Face to Face prospect appointments
  • How to compete more effectively in a very competitive sales process
  • How to work 3rd Party Referral Sources such as CPAs
  • How to be more effective on Client Appointments

Customer Service Training

  • Can be combined with the Cross Selling Course or a stand alone class.
  • We teach how to move beyond good service, to superior customer service.

Change Management

  • We are famous for our teachings in this subject. We are change experts, and get even the most stubborn employees to see the value of change in every area of their life.
  • We give managers and senior managements templates on how to better manage change.


  • We facilitate teaching all employees of your firm how to cross sell. We have taught every single employee how to successfully cross sell- from a courier, security guard, accounts payable clerk, to a teller, or a new accounts person. You can decide where you want us to focus. Front line to back office are welcome to be trained. The ROI on this training is outstanding. Please read several of the testimonials to learn more.

Product Training

  • We learn your products and make it easier for the employees to learn every single product and service. We test them on their product knowledge.
  • We design and create Product Manuals
  • We take the most complicated product and teach it to the employees in a fun and easy manner.
  • Most of our students are amazed that we learn their products better than they have, in a short period of time.

New Accounts Sales Training

  • How to not take orders, and make sales
  • How to conduct an effective analysis
  • How to turn a phone conversation into an appointment
  • The result of the training is to bring up the level of skills of a New Accounts Representative and have them be more consultative, and have better follow up, and higher cross sale ratios.

If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, it doesn’t mean we don’t know the subject or haven’t taught it before, we merely listed only a sample of our offerings. We are sales and customer service experts, please contact us to discuss your specific needs, or ideas, we will design something for you. It is our pleasure to be of service. Many times prospective clients tell us, “My people don’t know how to close sales. Can you teach that skill?” After further discovery on our part, it isn’t the closing skills that are lacking, it is the ‘Opening skills’ that need to be dramatically improved.

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Video Testimonials


    Judy Stewart"We decided everyone in the entire organization needed to be trained. It was amazing! People sold that we never thought would sell. She is truly one of us. She gets the results. I did not think the people in my organization would enjoy sales training as much as they did. Once they realized selling was fun, meeting the customer's needs, and they got rewarded, we could not stop the process. People got so excited about it. Within a year we were a very strong sales organization. An incredible change."
    See more of Judy's testimonial here.

    Judy Stewart - President
    Rancho Vista National Bank, Vista, CA