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"I really enjoyed your class and I have already applied what I learned. The best thing I gained from you was much more confidence in going out on sales calls. It is great that you help us individually in class because I created all the tools I needed in class so I was already motivated to make the cold calls. In addition, the materials you gave us are really helpful. The first day after class, I made my first cold call using the script I created and class and was able to get a first meeting."

Kris Liedtke - AVP & Commercial Loan Officer
The Bank of The Pacific, Washington
"Deborah is rare breed she actually practices what she teaches. She is a great! I have had her training twice, once at National Bank of Commerce and in 2010 at The Bank of Santa Barbara, after 15 years I am still practicing what she taught me."

Annie Paolino - Chief Credit Officer
The Bank of Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA
"I have been in banking for ten years, and I have never had any sales training. It was really helpful, and I recommend it . It was a lot better than I thought it would be, I didn't think it would be so practical as it was. The good thing is that Deborah was in sales for so long, and that she has worked specifically with bankers."

Chad Leesburg - Assistant Vice President
Eastside Commercial Bank, Bellevue, Washington
"I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed working with you, and now I can see that you are a real professional salesperson and why you are so successful. If we had ten Deborah's working for El Camino Bank we would be in a position to take over Bank of America and Chase Manhattan Bank combined."

Stanley J. Pawlowski - Chairman of the Board
El Camino Bank, Anaheim, CA
"I would like to highly recommend Deborah Gavello as a teacher/trainer for students and salespeople. Deborah exceeded all expectations and they were high to begin with! Deborah is a compelling "sales coach" whose enthusiasm and real-life case histories completely engage her audience! If you incorporate her tips, you're bound to improve your ability to address your customers' needs!"

Gail Schwartz - Academic Appointment
Business English Coordinator, University of California - Irvine
"Received good reviews of your presentation from my guys."

Henry Kiang - President
Metropolitan Bank, Oakland, CA
"You came in with your no-nonsense style, your "let's get to work" attitude, your tremendous background as a successful business persona and your terrific sense of humor. You outfitted each one of us with our own creative approach to the sales process as well as give us the tools to get the job done." I have been in sales for over 25 years and this is a godsend."

Pam Carson - Business Development Officer
Discovery Bank, CA
"Thank you for a great class! I really enjoyed the content and opportunity to learn your technique and practice our skills."

Chris Maffia - VP Relationship Manager
Santa Cruz County Bank, CA
"I have been in banking for 30 years and now I am the top producer in my office. Deborah has helped me be more confident with my sales techniques and it has helped in closing more deals. She has taught me one on one through our follow up days on how to use my unique strengths."

Susie Snow- Senior Vice President
California Community Bank, Escondido, CA
“I had the pleasure of hearing Deborah speak at two banking conferences. Deborah delivers her message with energy and enthusiasm. She is an expert in sales who, most importantly, understands community banking. Deborah has the ability to provide her audience some key take away items, in a short period of time, that actually work in practice."

Terry L. Robinson - Chief Executive Officer
Plaza Bank, Irvine, CA - Formerly CEO Vintage Bank, Napa, CA
"I have been utilizing Gavello and Associates for the past 4 years. They have trained everyone on our staff in the area of sales and service. Unlike many other types of training, their training does stick with the employee's long term."

George Peterson - Executive Vice President
First Amercian Bank, Rosemead, CA
"I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed working with you and now I can see that you are a real professional salesperson and why you are so successful in your line of business. If we had ten Deborah's working for El Camino Bank we would be in a position to take over Bank of America and Chase Manhattan Bank combined."

Stan Pawlowski - Chairman of the Board
El Camino Bank, Anaheim, CA
"You have helped me to significantly increase my confidence on the phone and as a result, I already got in front of five CPAs and got one package. Although, I was already one of the more successful callings officers, you have helped me to refine my presentation skills. Once in front of prospects, I have a much smoother and more organized delivery and my confidence level on these appointments has been increased as well."

Linda Mounce - VP Healthcare Division
California Bank and Trust, CA
"I wanted to report a success story to you. I was working really hard on a transaction on which we had issued a proposal letter. Over lunch with the prospect I asked for the signed proposal (and check!)
I didn't get it that day, he was hesitant about making the change. I used one of the techniques you taught us at 9 AM the next morning, he called me at 11 AM to tell me he had signed up. Soooo....a great big thank you for helping me push this deal over the edge."

Barry Griffiths - Commercial Business Development
Manufacturers Bank, Los Angeles, CA
"We are a one-branch bank and less than 4 years old. When Deborah started working with us, we had experienced challenges in reaching our business plan targets. Today it is a different story. We have grown significantly in asset size and are generating record profits. Our bank doesn't have lobby traffic, and is focused on high net worth individuals and Business clients. Deborah customized the training to fit our needs. One area where she really made an impact was with our Loan Officers. Many of our new employees were surprised that their clients didn't follow them over. Deborah roll-played with them giving them specific techniques. As a result, their "hit rate" increased and they got a lot of appointments, more appointments=more business!"

Rob Holden - Former President
The Private Bank of the Peninsula Palo Alto, CA

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    "I am very pleased to recommend Gavello & Associates for consulting and training services. We were impressed with the customized approach to fulfilling our particular expectations. Deborah was entertaining and her contagious enthusiasm made the seminar very enjoyable."

    Mitchell F. Cohen - Senior Vice President
    CIT Commercial Services, Los Angeles, CA