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"Deborah is the most competent and skillful trainer I have ever met. I am a Senior Banker with over 20 years in commercial banking and investment banking. I have always been one of the top producers.
Consequently, I have accused of being quite set in my ways and not easily convinced of new sales skills. This being said, I learned both new and valuable skills from Deborah's classes and her one on one coaching. I gained a rejuvenated enthusiasm in my craft. Developing business and relationships are my livelihood and perfecting it is a gift. I am proud of the fact that in 2001 I was the number one producer of new business in Bank of America's Private Banking group, in a good part due to the assistance and guidance of Deborah"

Cheryl Paller - Vice President
Deutsche Bank, Los Angeles, CA
"I have engaged Ms. Gavello at two different institutions. In the first instance I used her for training experience loan officers. During my second tenure at Gilmore Bank, I have engaged her as primary sales trainer for my entire staff. I would unhesitatingly recommend Ms. Gavello and her services."

Doug Spencer - President/CEO
Gilmore Bank, Los Angeles, CA
"Your encouragement was on the mark- that every employee had to attend your series of classes. This brought the whole bank team in line with our own sales culture. With your class work and physical call support- we are beginning to develop a "Charter Oak Bank Sales Culture"-rather than brand X and brand Y and etc.
The results of your training efforts are paying off. Deposits and Loans have shown a significant increase. Our two year old bank now has 78 million in assets."

Brian Kelly - President
Charter Oak Bank, Napa, CA
"Thank you for the outstanding job you did with my entire group. What makes this investment so worthwhile is not only is the group getting more appointments, and closing more business, they want to continue to improve their skills. The entire group has adapted and changed many of their sales techniques based on your suggestions. I wouldn't trust my people to any other company than Gavello & Associates for advanced sales training."

Laura Green - SVP and Regional Manager
Manufacturers Bank, Los Angeles, CA
Judy Stewart"We decided everyone in the entire organization needed to be trained. It was amazing! People sold that we never thought would sell. She is truly one of us. She gets the results. I did not think the people in my organization would enjoy sales training as much as they did. Once they realized selling was fun, meeting the customer's needs, and they got rewarded, we could not stop the process. People got so excited about it. Within a year we were a very strong sales organization. An incredible change."
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Judy Stewart - President
Rancho Vista National Bank, Vista, CA
"Deborah doesn't sell books and tapes, Deborah sells results. We wanted a customized training, not a canned program that is one for all. She customized the training for every area of our bank."

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Lee Fenn - Vice President
Republic Bank, Los Angeles, CA
"We got over 500 referrals from 60 employees in a 6 week period, which I contribute 100% to Gavello and Associates and Deborah's enthusiasm in the program. I have been very happy with the results of her training."
Watch Doug in his video testimony.

Doug Faist - President
Pacific Western National Bank, Los Angeles, CA
"Deborah really knows our business inside and out. She is more than a consultant; she works as though she is part of the bank's team. She studies, researches observes and provides candid feedback to senior management on areas the bank can improve.

We hired Deborah to work with our most senior loan officers, branch managers, and senior executives. Most of the participants were 20-year employees that were fascinated with the opportunity to learn new skills. They quickly applied the skills into their everyday interactions. Furthermore, Deborah intently focuses on her client's business objectives. She constantly asks us, "What are we trying to do here?". I PARTICIPATED IN ALL THE CLASSES AND OBSERVED THE MAGIC FIRST HAND.

The combination of training and one-on-one coaching were key to the success of our program."

William Lasher - President
Community Commerce Bank, Claremont, CA
"You’re great! Initially we were concerned over the cost and were hesitant to hire Gavello & Associates, but later realized they are truly an investment. I still refer to the training materials, and Deborah did a wonderful job of teaching. She has a passion and enthusiasm for helping students reach their full potential."

Gerald Mueler - SVP/Director of Lending
Westwood Homestead Savings and Loan, Cincinnati, Ohio
"It is great to see, that after working one on one with you, Debbie W. has landed 3 new relationships. Our managers have been here for a long time and are pretty set in their ways, you were successful at making your training meaningful and fun."

John Marquis, Executive Vice President
TransWorld Bank, Van Nuys, California
"I appreciate the way you were able to get our sales managers to where they felt comfortable allowing you to train their people. They have not regretted it. Your skills are truly amazing."

Mark Leekley - President/CEOPrecision Payroll
Precision Payroll
"We contracted Deborah Gavello to conduct both sales management, customer service and cross selling skills for my staff of forty five employees. I personally attended and enjoyed the sales management class and i received a lot of positive feedback from my staff. I really enjoyed working with Deborah and highly recommend her."

Richard N. Ambrose - President
Family Lending, Newport Beach, California
"Deborah is the most competent and skillful trainer that I have met. The material she uses is the best that I have seen in my 30 plus years of banking. Deborah focuses on getting people onto the street and into the businesses in a comfortable and non-threatening way. Deborah has a passion for what she is doing and wants everyone to be successful and enjoy selling. I had one person who had shown very strong resistance to selling and is now excited about it."

Larry Zylstra - SVP
Columbia Trust Bank, Kennewick, Washington
"I have worked with Deborah for over 10 years and she trained our employees to think outside of their comfort zone. Even some of our most senior lenders learned valuable calling skills. She adapts her training to fit the employee's level; tellers, new accounts, and lenders all receive appropriate training."

James Lokey - President
Downey Savings and Loan and Mid-State Bank, California
Robert Marshall"Your energy and ability to adapt to changes in the marketplace has kept the training fresh and relevant, and I believe is one of the reasons we are continuing to see growth in our portfolio."

Robert Marshall - COO
California Community Bank, Escondido, California

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    “I have had lots of sales training and Deborah’s class is the first one that actually got me motivated! She was really good at making it relevant to each and every person, most other sales training classes are so generic.”

    Jo Figurelli - Branch Manager
    Sound Community Bank, Seattle, WA