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"I am very pleased to recommend Gavello & Associates for consulting and training services. We were impressed with the customized approach to fulfilling our particular expectations. Deborah was entertaining and her contagious enthusiasm made the seminar very enjoyable."

Mitchell F. Cohen - Senior Vice President
CIT Commercial Services, Los Angeles, CA
"I must admit that when we first met, I was a little skeptical about your training; However, after three classes and practical success with your formulas, I am now truly a believer. I found your seminar to be upbeat, energetic, and critical in the highly competitive sales culture that exists in greater Los Angeles. Thank you kindly for your help
and great ideas!"

Alan Goldsmith - Vice President
Manufacturers Bank - Los Angeles, CA
"You have the ability to size up experienced salespeople very quickly and are able to not only provide training in a classroom environment but are able to coach people one on one to be better and stronger salespeople. Even some of our most senior officers have told me how much they have learned from you, and wish they had your help earlier in their careers."

Larry Hartwig - President
California Community Bank, Escondido, California
"It feels like you are part of the staff of NCB. You think of us all the time, which is evident by all the emails of ideas you send me and my staff over the weekends. Although I know you have other clients, you make me feel like we are your main priority."

Kathy L. Phillips - President/CEO
Nevada Commerce Bank, Las Vegas, Nevada

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    “I had the pleasure of hearing Deborah speak at two banking conferences. Deborah delivers her message with energy and enthusiasm. She is an expert in sales who, most importantly, understands community banking. Deborah has the ability to provide her audience some key take away items, in a short period of time, that actually work in practice."

    Terry L. Robinson - Chief Executive Officer
    Plaza Bank, Irvine, CA - Formerly CEO Vintage Bank, Napa, CA